"What unites us as Marylanders and as Americans is always greater than that which seeks to divide us."

– Governor Larry Hogan

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Another Time for Choosing

we are at another time for choosing. I refuse to give up and accept that the best days of the GOP – and of America – are a thing of the past. If you won’t either, sign up now. To view Governor Hogan's full speech, click here.

Our great nation is being torn apart by angry and divisive politics. People are fed up with the failed “politics as usual.” America needs new leadership that is not beholden to the extremes of either political party. We believe in working together to achieve bipartisan common sense solutions to serious problems facing us. It is time to bring people together. It is time for An America United.

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“To those who say our political system is too broken and can’t be fixed, I would argue that we have already shown a better path forward. And if we can accomplish that here in Maryland, then there is no place in America where these very same principles cannot succeed.”

- Governor Larry Hogan

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Governor Hogan Delivers Address to Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting

November 19, 2022 | An America United

Governor Hogan delivered an address at the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was joined on stage with Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Vice President Mike Pence. Following are excerpts from the address: On Why the Republican Party Needs a New Direction: “Last week, Biden said he’s not going to change any of his policies these next two years.

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“Three Strikes You’re Out:” Governor Hogan Joins CNN’s “State of the Union” to Discuss Rejection of Extremism in Midterm Elections

November 13, 2022 | An America United

Earlier today, Governor Hogan joined CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash to discuss the midterm election results. Governor Hogan On The 2022 Results: “This should have been a huge red wave. It should have been one of the biggest red waves we’ve ever had. President Biden’s approval rating was so low. One of the lowest historically. More than 70% of the people thought the country was going in the wrong direction.

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An America United Releases New Video: “Exhausted Majority,” Geofences Ad To President Biden’s Election Eve Rally in Maryland

November 7, 2022 | An America United

As President Biden holds an election eve rally in Maryland this evening, An America United released a new video highlighting why the “Exhausted Majority” are fed up with the President’s leadership. An America United is geofencing the digital ad to target President Biden’s rally. As Governor Hogan writes in a FOX News op-ed, “As President Biden comes to Maryland Monday night to deliver his ‘closing argument’ before Tuesday’s vote, he may be hoping our deep-blue state can offer him a refuge from fed up voters and the tough national headwinds facing his party.

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Governor Hogan Washington Post Op-Ed: “Maryland’s Free and Fair Elections Must Be Respected”

October 27, 2022 | An America United

In case you missed it, Governor Hogan wrote a Washington Post op-ed affirming the integrity of Maryland’s elections. Read Governor Hogan’s Op-Ed here. Maryland’s Free and Fair Elections Must Be Respected Governor Larry Hogan The Washington Post Larry Hogan, a Republican, is the governor of Maryland. Early voting has begun in Maryland. As Marylanders head to the polls to exercise their fundamental right to choose their elected leaders, they can be confident in the integrity of our elections.

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