"What unites us as Marylanders and as Americans is always greater than that which seeks to divide us."

– Governor Larry Hogan

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Another Time for Choosing

we are at another time for choosing. I refuse to give up and accept that the best days of the GOP – and of America – are a thing of the past. If you won’t either, sign up now.

Our great nation is being torn apart by angry and divisive politics. People are fed up with the failed “politics as usual.” America needs new leadership that is not beholden to the extremes of either political party. We believe in working together to achieve bipartisan common sense solutions to serious problems facing us. It is time to bring people together. It is time for An America United.

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“To those who say our political system is too broken and can’t be fixed, I would argue that we have already shown a better path forward. And if we can accomplish that here in Maryland, then there is no place in America where these very same principles cannot succeed.”

- Governor Larry Hogan

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As Governor Hogan Submits Fair Maps, Arnold Schwarzenegger Urges Maryland Legislature To End Partisan Gerrymandering

January 13, 2022 | An America United

Governor Hogan personally submitted fair maps drawn by the independent and non-partisan citizens commission to the Maryland legislature. While the Citizens commission has proposed maps that do not favor either party, the Maryland legislature’s partisan political panel has proposed maps that are even more gerrymandered than what are already among the most gerrymandered maps in America. This comes as former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has written to Governor Hogan, praising the fair maps and urging the Maryland legislature to stop their “ugly” gerrymandering and instead “listen to their constituents and pass fair maps, and serve as public servants instead of party servants.

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An America United Releases New Video: “What Nearly Everybody Wants”

January 12, 2022 | An America United

As Maryland’s legislative session begins at noon today, An America United released a new video highlighting Governor Hogan’s fight to pass the largest tax cut in Maryland history, re-fund the police and hold violent criminals accountable, and pass fair redistricting maps. Meanwhile, a new poll shows Governor Hogan has a historic 74% approval rating in Maryland, more proof that his common sense agenda is overwhelmingly popular across every single demographic.

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With Record Fiscal Surplus, Governor Hogan Proposes Largest Tax Cut in History of Maryland

January 11, 2022 | An America United

With the cost of living rising across the country, Governor Hogan is fighting for historic levels of tax relief for Marylanders. Before Governor Hogan took office, Maryland had a $5.1 billion structural deficit after raising taxes 43 consecutive times. Now, after seven years in a row of fiscal discipline and cutting taxes, Maryland has a record $2.5 billion surplus. At a press conference earlier today, Governor Hogan outlined his plan to return this surplus back to Marylanders by eliminating the state’s retirement taxes, cutting income taxes on working families, and expanding tax incentives for manufacturers.

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New Independent Poll: Governor Hogan Approval 20 Points Higher Than President Biden in Deep-Blue Maryland

January 11, 2022 | An America United

A new poll provides more proof that Governor Hogan’s common sense, unifying, and effective brand leadership is overwhelmingly popular with every demographic group. According to an independent poll from Gonzales Research & Media Services, with one year remaining in his second term, Governor Hogan’s approval rating is at 74%, 20 points higher than President Biden’s approval in the most deep-blue state in America. Governor Hogan’s support remains near or above 70% for every demographic group with his approval on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic remains even higher at 76%.

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