"What unites us as Marylanders and as Americans is always greater than that which seeks to divide us."

– Governor Larry Hogan

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Another Time for Choosing

we are at another time for choosing. I refuse to give up and accept that the best days of the GOP – and of America – are a thing of the past. If you won’t either, sign up now.

Our great nation is being torn apart by angry and divisive politics. People are fed up with the failed “politics as usual.” America needs new leadership that is not beholden to the extremes of either political party. We believe in working together to achieve bipartisan common sense solutions to serious problems facing us. It is time to bring people together. It is time for An America United.

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“To those who say our political system is too broken and can’t be fixed, I would argue that we have already shown a better path forward. And if we can accomplish that here in Maryland, then there is no place in America where these very same principles cannot succeed.”

- Governor Larry Hogan

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With Crime Rising Nationally, Governor Hogan Outlines Proposals To “Re-fund The Police”

October 15, 2021 | An America United

Blasting the Defund the Police movement as “dangerous, radical, and far-left lunacy,” earlier today, Governor Hogan outlined a $150 million “Re-fund the Police” initiative that includes a 50% increase in state police aid to local jurisdictions, $50 million to fund salary increases and hiring bonuses for state police agencies, and $24 million for body cams and de-escalation training. As calls to Defund the Police have become common in Maryland and across the country, police recruiting and morale have hit new lows nationally.

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Governor Hogan Joins L’ATTITUDE Conference To Spotlight Contributions of US Latinos

October 14, 2021 | An America United

Governor Hogan recently joined L’ATTITUDE, a national conference of business, media, and political leaders to spotlight the contributions of U.S. Latinos in Maryland and across our society. Watch Governor Hogan’s interview at L’ATTITUDE here. Governor Hogan On The US Latino Economy: “Latino Americans have contributed so much to the country. The prosperity of the United States and that of its hispanic population are completely linked and they’re integral to our national fabric…The US Latino GDP is one of the three fastest growing economies in the world.

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While Washington Pushes For Massive Spending And Tax Hikes, Governor Hogan Releases Plan For Tax Cuts With Maryland’s Historic Surplus

October 7, 2021 | An America United

Governor Hogan held a press conference to outline his plan to use Maryland’s historic $2.5 billion fiscal surplus to cut taxes even more for Marylanders. Upon taking office, Maryland had a $5.1 billion deficit and its economy ranked 49th out of 50 states. Today, after seven years of tax cuts and fiscal discipline under Governor Hogan, Maryland’s economy ranks sixth in the country and has the largest budget surplus in state history.

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Governor Hogan Op-Ed: Biden’s Failure To Lead Creates A Mess

October 4, 2021 | An America United

Governor Hogan wrote an op-ed in the Washington Examiner explaining how President Biden “chose” to create the current partisan mess in Washington instead of just “taking a major bipartisan win” on infrastructure. Read Governor Hogan’s Op-ed Here. Biden’s failure to lead creates a mess Governor Larry Hogan Washington Examiner “The media analysis of the current debacle on the infrastructure bill vote will inevitably focus on the ideological divides in the Democratic Party, but this narrative ignores the larger story.

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