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Under the failed economic policies of Joe Biden, Americans are suffering from crippling levels of inflation - the highest in over 40 years. While Washington remains more interested in partisan dysfunction and empty rhetoric than actually delivering solutions, Governor Hogan has shown a better path forward.

Under Governor Hogan’s leadership, Maryland produced the greatest economic turnaround in America, going from 49th out of 50 states to number six by cutting taxes eight years in a row by $4.7 billion and eliminating thousands of regulations.

In this present crisis, An America United believes Washington can provide real relief to the American people by following Governor Hogan’s lead. The following five common sense proposals should be able to attract bipartisan support and provide struggling Americans real and immediate relief.

Restore American Energy Independence

The Biden Administration’s reckless energy policies have undermined American production and contributed to skyrocketing gas prices and inflation. Governor Hogan has joined with 24 other governors in calling on President Biden to “reverse his policies and restore America’s energy independence.” An America United proposes achieving this goal by removing President Biden’s bans on new oil and gas development on federal lands, building the Keystone XL pipeline, and reinstating regulatory reforms to streamline energy permitting.

Stop Inflation Tax Hikes

While most parts of the tax code are indexed to inflation, several key aspects are not, including for housing gains, social security, and child tax credits. The result is to push many Americans into higher tax brackets, increasing the tax burden for many who are just struggling to get by with higher costs. As the only Republican governor in America to secure tax cuts from an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature, Governor Hogan is a national leader on tax relief. While President Biden and the Democratic majorities in Congress are trying to raise taxes, Governor Hogan has been securing historic tax relief. In just the past two years, Governor Hogan passed the largest tax cuts in state history and has cut taxes eight years in a row by $4.7 billion, securing relief for Marylanders on fixed incomes by nearly eliminating retirement taxes and increasing the earned income tax credit. An America Unites proposes the following tax cuts to curb the inflation tax on struggling Americans:

  • Index tax thresholds for social security benefits and child tax credit
  • Expand the federal earned income tax credit to account for inflation that has already occurred this year
  • Index the thresholds for the exclusion on gains from primary residence - currently fixed at $250,000 for single filers and $500,000 for married filers

Reduce Job-Killing Red Tape

At a time of worker shortages that increase prices, over-burdensome red tape is keeping far too many Americans out of work. In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan has been a national leader on this issue, including launching a first-in-the-nation workforce development initiative to eliminate the four-year college degree requirement from thousands of state jobs and recognizing occupational licenses for military families. An America United proposes to remove and reform burdensome licensing regulations that reduce work opportunities for new workers and increase costs for consumers.

End Reckless Spending

In Maryland, Governor Hogan turned a crushing $5.1 billion structural deficit into a record surplus. Governor Hogan also opposed the American Rescue plan, calling it reckless and ‘loaded up with extra goodies.’ He was a leader in cutting out the Build Back Better social programs from the bipartisan infrastructure bill, hosting a summit at the Governor’s mansion in Annapolis where he helped secure a compromise agreement from Democratic leaders in Congress. An America United urges the Biden Administration and Congress to end the reckless spending that’s crushing the American people.

Suspend The Federal Gas Tax

It’s unconscionable that the federal government continues to tax struggling Americans at the gas pump. Governor Hogan was the first governor in the nation to suspend its gas tax, providing much needed relief to hardworking Marylanders. An America United proposes suspending the federal gas tax as well.