After Successfully Leading Nation’s Governors Through Crisis, Governor Hogan Ends Tenure As NGA Chair

Earlier today, during a virtual Summer meeting of the nation’s governors, Governor Hogan ended his year-long tenure as head of the National Governors Association (NGA).

According to The Baltimore Sun, Governor Hogan “has acted as a de facto spokesperson for the nation’s governors during the coronavirus pandemic,” using the position to press the federal government to help states “in acquiring tests, protective equipment and financial support.” As NGA chair, Governor Hogan arranged a COVID-19 briefing from Dr. Fauci and other top health officials in February for the nation’s governors that was critical in preparing states for the pandemic.

Just in his last week as NGA chair, Governor Hogan successfully pushed for President Trump to renew vital national guard funding for COVID-19 deployments and negotiated a historic bipartisan interstate compact to acquire 3.5 million rapid antigen tests.