An America United Releases Inflation Relief Plan

With inflation continuing to devastate the nation’s economy, An America United today released a common sense proposal to address this crisis, which is modeled based on results Governor Hogan has achieved in Maryland.

Later this week, Governor Hogan will be meeting with business leaders in New Hampshire to hear how this economic crisis is impacting their industries and promote An America United’s proposed solutions.

An America United’s five-point plan will provide struggling Americans real and immediate relief:

1. Restore American energy independence

2. Stop Inflation Tax Hikes

3. Reduce Job-Killing Red Tape

4. End Reckless Spending

5. Suspend The Federal Gas Tax

Under Governor Hogan’s leadership, Maryland produced the greatest economic turnaround in America, going from 49th out of 50 states to number six by cutting taxes eight years in a row and eliminating thousands of regulations.

“Under the failed economic policies of Joe Biden, Americans are suffering from crippling levels of inflation — the highest in over 40 years. While Washington remains more interested in partisan dysfunction and empty rhetoric than actually delivering solutions, we have already shown a better path forward,” said Governor Hogan.

View An America United’s full plan here.