An America United Releases New Video: 'Another Time For Choosing'

An America United released a new video today highlighting Governor Hogan’s advocacy of a unifying and results-oriented Republican party that speaks to all Americans and focuses on solving the real issues impacting everyday people. The video – titled “Another Time For Choosing” – is compiled from Governor Hogan’s recent address to The Ronald Reagan Foundation & Institute.

Watch Governor Hogan’s Full Speech At The Ronald Reagan Foundation & Institute Here

Here’s What They’re Saying About Governor Hogan’s Recent Advocacy:

The Wall Street Journal says Governor Hogan is leading “a conversation on the future of the GOP” from its “center-right lane.”

“One person seen as vying for the center-right lane is Mr. Hogan of Maryland, a critic of the president, most recently on the pandemic response. Mr. Hogan, 64, has sought to lead a conversation on the future of the GOP, penning newspaper op-eds and giving speeches.

A person familiar with the governor’s thinking said he hasn’t made any decision, but he noted that his camp thinks that while Mr. Trump may freeze the race for some, that may not apply to those making a different argument. ‘He is comfortable being himself,’ the person said of Mr. Hogan. ‘If Trump runs and if he runs, he will be willing to take him on.’”

_The Hill _writes Governor Hogan “has called for the GOP to turn away from the president’s combative approach to politics.”

“Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who has long been viewed as a future presidential hopeful, hasn’t shied away from criticizing Trump and has called for the GOP to turn away from the president’s combative approach to politics.

Those Republicans who may want to compete to be Trump’s successor have a tougher road ahead as long as Trump himself might run for the White House.

‘Pretty much every other person flirting with a run right now, the rationale is ‘I’m the best person to pick up where Trump left off,’ one Republican operative told The Hill. ‘Their candidacy is premised on Trump not running again, except for Larry Hogan, and maybe a couple others.”

The Associated Press reports Governor Hogan is arguing Americans want “commonsense conservative people [who are] willing to work across the aisle.”

“One person who could benefit from Trump’s maneuvering is Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican who has emerged as one of Trump’s fiercest critics during the coronavirus pandemic. His supporters argue that if Trump did run, Hogan would enjoy a near-open lane unlike the one crowded with Trump defenders.

‘There are going to be 10 or 15 people who want to be the next Donald Trump and very few people that want to go in a different direction from Trump,’ Hogan said in a recent interview. The governor, who has urged Trump to concede to Democrat Joe Biden for the good of the party, has bolstered his profile with a book tour and frequent television appearances.

He argued that this year’s election results made clear that Americans are looking less for another Trump and more for ‘commonsense conservative people that were willing to work across the aisle.”