An America United Releases New Video: “Exhausted Majority,” Geofences Ad To President Biden’s Election Eve Rally in Maryland

As President Biden holds an election eve rally in Maryland this evening, An America United released a new video highlighting why the “Exhausted Majority” are fed up with the President’s leadership. An America United is geofencing the digital ad to target President Biden’s rally.

As Governor Hogan writes in a FOX News op-ed, “As President Biden comes to Maryland Monday night to deliver his ‘closing argument’ before Tuesday’s vote, he may be hoping our deep-blue state can offer him a refuge from fed up voters and the tough national headwinds facing his party. However, if the president takes the time to talk with working Maryland families during his visit, he will quickly find a different story.”

“After two years of failed policies, the exhausted majority of Americans aren’t buying Joe Biden’s campaign rhetoric and are demanding change. While the President is in our state, we hope he gets the opportunity to hear from Marylanders about how Governor Hogan has already shown a better path forward by turning the economy around, bringing people together, and leading with common sense,” said David Weinman, executive director of An America United.

Watch “Exhausted Majority” here.


Narrator: You’ve probably heard of the silent majority — well Maryland Governor Larry Hogan believes there’s a new kind of majority fed up with the state of the nation and its politics. Hogan is one of the most popular Governors in America.

Governor Hogan: America is at a critical turning point.

In Washington, the Democratic party is dragging us in a far-left direction that America does not want and cannot afford.

Now, Joe Biden said he would govern from the center, but instead he caters to the far-left extremes of his party. And he flails from crisis to crisis, showing weakness to the world.

Biden promised to work toward uniting the country, but instead he attacks billions of Americans who voted against him as a threat to democracy.

While America is beset by out-of-control inflation, an energy crisis is hurting struggling families, and small businesses and violent crime is devastating our cities and communities.

The Biden administration jams through a reckless grab bag of progressive wishlist items, massive spending, tax hikes, and handouts to special interests.

Instead of developing our nation’s abundant energy supply and increasing domestic production, the Biden administration goes hat and hand, begging a dictator in Venezuela for oil.

Americans are not tired of freedom and democracy. They’re tired of failed leadership. And they’re fed up with politicians who put their own self-interest before America.

Our nation’s true strength comes from that exhausted majority of Americans who are united in defense of the values that make our nation great.

We can change our nation for the better.

There is a better path forward, if only we have the courage to seize it.