“Fed Up:” An America United Releases New Ad Supporting Pro-Law Enforcement Gubernatorial Candidates

An America United today released a new ad supporting pro-law enforcement and tough on violent crime gubernatorial nominees across the country.

As violent crime has skyrocketed across the country, An America United earlier this year released a plan of action for safer communities to Re-Fund the police, hold violent criminals accountable, combat the opioid crisis and secure the border.

Governor Hogan recently traveled to Portland, Oregon - known as the epicenter of the “Defund the Police” movement - to support Oregon Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan, holding a roundtable to discuss violent crime, homelessness and public safety.

An America United also recently announced contributions to the following candidates who are featured in the new ad: Oregon Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan, Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and New Mexico Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti.

Watch “Fed Up” here.