Governor Hogan Advocates For Bipartisan Infrastructure Approach on CNBC’s Squawk Box

Governor Hogan appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to advocate for a bipartisan effort that remains actually “focused on infrastructure.” Last week, Governor Hogan convened a bipartisan group of more than 25 governors, U.S. senators, and leaders of the U.S. House Problem Solvers Caucus to find common ground on a federal infrastructure package. At the end of the summit, the group unanimously agreed on common principles for a federal bill, including that it should be a bipartisan effort.

Governor Hogan On Annapolis Bipartisan Infrastructure Summit: “This was somewhat unprecedented that we had governors from both parties, senators, and congressmen – Democrats and Republicans – gathered for two days to talk about agreeing on a bipartisan consensus on infrastructure…We reached a tremendous amount of agreement between Democrats and Republicans.”

Governor Hogan On Bipartisan Support For Infrastructure: “Rebuilding America’s infrastructure is a critical issue that we all agree on, and we think it should be a bipartisan effort that has the support of Democrats and Republicans and that it should be focused on infrastructure.”

Governor Hogan On The Scope of President Biden’s Proposal: “I think everyone who attended the summit agrees with Senator Manchin…The second set of things that President Biden is apparently going to unveil on Wednesday really has nothing to do with infrastructure.”

Governor Hogan On How To Pay For An Infrastructure Package: “There’s trillions of dollars of private sector capital willing to invest in infrastructure…In our state of Maryland, we’re building the largest P3 transit system in North America and the largest P3 highway system in the world with private sector dollars invested.”

Governor Hogan On Raising Taxes: “Maryland made that mistake before I became governor. We taxed everybody at a higher rate, and they all stopped paying taxes and some of them moved out of the state.”

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