Governor Hogan Applauds Bipartisan Leadership of Nation’s Governors on The Daily Show, Washington Post Live

Governor Hogan appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Washington Post Live with Robert Costa.

When asked about his role coordinating national bipartisan cooperation in the crisis, Governor Hogan applauded his fellow governors, arguing he’s “never seen the kind of bipartisan cooperation that we’ve seen” as America’s governors put aside their “red jerseys” and “blue jerseys” to fight the “common enemy” of the virus. As Time Magazine pointed out in their recent profile, “if the U.S. muddles through the current crisis, it will be because America’s governors stepped up to the plate–at least in part because of Hogan.”

Earlier this week, Governor Hogan announced universal coronavirus testing for all nursing home residents and staff “whether they are symptomatic or not.” This key step towards allowing a responsible lifting of current safety measures is possible only because of Maryland’s expanded testing capacity, including 500,000 tests from South Korea. Governor Hogan has been taking unprecedented actions to protect vulnerable populations since the beginning of the crisis, including being the first state in the nation to form “strike teams” to help nursing homes respond to coronavirus outbreaks.

The Daily Show | April 29, 2020

Washington Post Live | April 30, 2020