Governor Hogan Calls on Federal Leaders to Keep Focus on Recovery on Fox News’ Presidential Town Hall, CNN’s State of the Union

Governor Hogan joined CNN’s State of the Union and Fox News’ Town Hall with President Trump to represent the bipartisan viewpoint of the nation’s governors.

As chair of the nation’s governors, Governor Hogan is leading the bipartisan advocacy campaign to secure $500 billion of emergency aid that’s essential for national recovery, as well as a year-long national initiative focused on rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

With congressional leaders and the Trump administration signaling they may intend to use this vital aid as political leverage, Governor Hogan is urging federal leaders to “put aside divisiveness and partisanship” and “just focus on getting people the help they need without bringing all these other outside political issues into the debate.” Governor Hogan has said from the beginning of this crisis that “this is no time for partisan dysfunction. It’s time to get something done.”

Presidential Town Hall | May 4, 2020

State of the Union | May 4, 2020