Governor Hogan Speaks Out Against President Biden’s Turn To The Left, Warns of “Whitewashing” January 6th Riots

Governor Hogan is speaking out against President Biden’s turn to the left and warning of the dangers of “whitewashing” the January 6th riots, calling for members of Congress to stop politicizing the attack.

Immediately following President Biden’s election, Governor Hogan wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed advising Biden that “If he is going to heal and unify the nation, he must start by recognizing that this goal is in conflict with the Democratic Party’s lurch leftward.” As President Biden has governed to the left, Governor Hogan has attempted to support a centrist push in Congress, convening an infrastructure summit that helped produce bipartisan infrastructure negotiations.

Here’s what they’re saying about Governor Hogan’s advocacy:

CBS reported Governor Hogan’s argued progressive leaders “are having too much influence on [President Biden], which is not going to be good for him or the country.”

Fox News reported Governor Hogan is “supportive” of “Republican governors like Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp who did not go along with the former president’s false claims that the presidential election was stolen.”

Newsweek wrote Governor Hogan “called out GOP lawmakers who have defended and downplayed the violent actions of the former president’s supporters.”

The Hill reported Governor Hogan “doesn’t want either side politicizing the attack” on the Capitol.