Governor Hogan Speaks To Washington Post Live About COVID Relief, Infrastructure, and Reopening Schools Safely

Yesterday, Governor Hogan spoke to Washington Post Live about COVID-19 relief, infrastructure, and how to get schools opened safely.


Governor Hogan has continued to call on President Biden to work to find a bipartisan compromise on COVID-19 relief, instead of “loading far too much” partisan changes into the bill. In Maryland, Governor Hogan already passed emergency tax cuts and economic relief for small businesses and struggling families with nearly unanimous support. 


After more than a decade of gridlock on infrastructure, Governor Hogan led a national initiative as chairman of the National Governors Association focused on this issue that released a series of recommendations for the federal government. Later today, Governor Hogan will be testifying to Congress on how the federal government can adopt a bipartisan, “balanced,” and creative approach to infrastructure. 


Governor Hogan also discussed his push to get every Maryland child the opportunity to safely get back into the classroom. Though he does not possess the legal authority to order schools to reopen, Governor Hogan set a March 1st deadline for schools to reopen. As of now, nearly every school system in the State has either already done so or has indicated that they will meet the deadline. 

Watch Governor Hogan on Washington Post Live Here