Governor Hogan Statement on Oval Office Meeting with President Biden and Vice President Harris

Governor Hogan released the following statement after meeting with President Biden and Vice President Harris in the Oval Office to discuss COVID-19 relief:

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be one of the first governors to meet with President Biden and Vice President Harris as we work together to end this horrific pandemic.

“At this time when so many Americans have stopped believing that democracy can work for them, we must show that Republicans and Democrats in Washington can work together to get important things done. We cannot afford another partisan process with one party dictating to the other.

“As I told President Biden, there is no reason why he and Republicans in Congress cannot forge a compromise that addresses the nation’s top priorities in this crisis. I will continue urging Republicans in Congress to be willing to compromise, and I urge the president to lead by finding the common ground where we can all stand together.

“I also urged President Biden to take any imaginable step in his power to increase the production of vaccines. We have built the statewide vaccine distribution network needed to vaccinate every Marylander. We just need the vaccines and the support from the federal government.”