Johns Hopkins and Heritage Foundation Scholars Highlight Governor Hogan’s Bipartisan, Free Market Health Care Solutions

A recent article by health care scholars from Johns Hopkins and the Heritage Foundation highlights Governor Hogan’s leadership on health care in Maryland as a model for “market-driven alternatives to single payer.”

In 2018, Governor Hogan announced a major expansion of Maryland’s innovative All-Payer Model, gaining bipartisan praise from Democratic leaders such as Senator Ben Cardin as well as the Trump administration. Under Governor Hogan’s bipartisan health care reforms, Maryland “experienced a premium rate reduction of 13.4 percent in 2019, and it is projecting yet another 10.3 percent reduction in 2020.”

Governor Hogan’s success story shows that – despite the divisive politics on health care in Washington – it’s possible to make real bipartisan progress on this issue by rejecting the extremes of both sides.