Maryland Continues to Make Dramatic Recovery Progress As Governor Hogan Fights “State-Budget Train Crash”​

Maryland is continuing to make dramatic progress on its evidence-based recovery plan with COVID hospitalizations now down over 60% since April.

Meanwhile, Maryland’s statewide positivity rate has fallen nearly 80% from its peak level on April 17th. This comes after Maryland has opened nearly 170 major testing sites and broadened criteria for COVID-19 testing to include those who are asymptomatic.

Even while Maryland continues to move toward recovery at a rapid speed, Governor Hogan is continuing to call for Congress to pass emergency relief for states to mitigate “the state-budget train crash” that “could cost lives and set back economic recovery” according to The Economist.

As the Washington Examiner recently reported, “it’s not just blue states facing major budget shortfalls and asking Congress for help.” States like Louisiana, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Texas “are facing revenue shortfalls of many hundreds of millions or billions of dollars” and need federal assistance to sustain essential services and the economic recovery.