Politico: Governor Hogan Mobilizes Governors To Fill National Testing Gap

In case you missed it, an article in Politico spotlights Governor Hogan’s bipartisan initiative to fill the testing gap in America. Under Governor Hogan’s leadership, “ten states — five led by the GOP, five by Democrats” — have come “together to buy millions of rapid-response coronavirus tests.”

This effort to stimulate the market for rapid tests will be vital for protecting “long-term care facilities, allow[ing] reopened schools to isolate sick kids before they reach the classroom or aid[ing] the gradual return of workers to office settings.”

Meanwhile, in Maryland, the seven-day COVID-19 positivity rate has hit record lows, while ICU levels and deaths continue to decline. In another key benchmark for Governor Hogan’s gradual and evidence-based approach, every county in the state now records a positivity rate below 5%.

Read The Politico Article Here.