“Seize This Opportunity:” Governor Hogan Continues Years-Long Push For Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

After years of advocating for a bipartisan federal infrastructure bill, Governor Hogan is urging Congress to swiftly take action.

Governor Hogan hosted a cybersecurity summit with senior government officials, including leaders from the White House, Congress, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the FBI, as well as governors, academic leaders, and private sector experts to prepare for and address cybersecurity threats.

This event built on the successful Annapolis Infrastructure Summit held in April that included governors, U.S. senators, and leaders of the U.S. House Problem Solvers Caucus and ultimately helped produce the current bipartisan infrastructure agreement. According to Governor Hogan, the infrastructure bill’s investments in cybersecurity is one more reason why Congress must “put partisan the politics aside and seize this opportunity.”

Watch Governor Hogan’s Remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill at the Cybersecurity Summit Here.

Following the Summit, Governor Hogan welcomed U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to Maryland’s Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore. During the visit, Governor Hogan showcased the port as an example of successful infrastructure investment that will benefit under a federal infrastructure bill.

At the event, Governor Hogan remarked, “After years of work and months of negotiations, we have finally reached agreement on a bipartisan federal infrastructure package that will make generational investments in our roads, bridges, ports, airports, waterways, and cyber defenses. Two years ago this week, I launched a national initiative on behalf of America’s governors focused on fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure. The conventional wisdom was that this couldn’t possibly be done in a bipartisan way, but there was a small group of us who kept working around the clock to get this done.”

Watch Governor Hogan Advocate For Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill with Secretary Buttigeg Here.