Thanks To Governor Hogan’s Leadership, Nearly All Maryland Schools Set To Be Open Monday ​

As a direct result of Governor Hogan’s leadership stand taking on union bosses, nearly every Maryland school is set to at least start reopening Monday.

Last August, Maryland authorized every county school district in the State to open for in-person instruction. However, despite the State providing more than $1 billion to upgrade school buildings, sending one million COVID-19 test kits, and moving teachers to the front of the line for vaccinations, many county school districts – under pressure from union bosses – remained closed.

In January, Governor Hogan called on every county school system to reopen by March 1st and pledged to use every legal tool at his disposal to make that happen. Within hours, three county school systems – Baltimore, Harford and Howard – announced that they would comply with the March 1st deadline. 22 out of the 24 county school systems in Maryland are meeting this deadline, while the remaining two have also outlined plans to resume in-person instruction.