“United in Their Bipartisan Push”: Governor Hogan Discusses National Coronavirus Response Leadership on Fox News Sunday, CBS Sunday Morning​ ​

Governor Hogan appeared on Fox News Sunday and CBS Sunday Morning to discuss Maryland’s ongoing and unprecedented coronavirus response, as well as the leadership of the nation’s governors in this crisis. According to CBS, as chair of the nation’s governors, Governor Hogan has “united [America’s governors] in their bipartisan push to get what they need.”

As Governor Hogan explained, “governors have stepped up to make those tough decisions, but also to push for more action from the federal level…because lives were at stake.” Bill Gates recently noted that Governor Hogan and governors across the country “are guiding their communities through this challenge and providing a model for us all to follow.”

Just yesterday, FEMA delivered 250 beds to a new field hospital site at the Baltimore Convention Center – weeks ahead of schedule on Maryland’s hospital surge plan. Maryland, along with Bloomberg Philanthropies, also announced a $4 million grant to research a promising treatment method that aims to fight the coronavirus using the blood of patients who have recovered from it.