What They Are Saying: Governor Hogan Leads “Bipartisan Push” For Essential State Aid

In case you missed it, Governor Hogan issued a joint bipartisan statement with Governor Cuomo last week renewing the nation’s governors urgent request for emergency aid for states. Governor Hogan has been pushing federal leaders to deliver this relief that’s critical for America’s recovery for over a month.

According to an NBC News survey reported this weekend, states are facing “unprecedented” revenue losses that are the “basis for severe budget cuts…if massive federal government aid doesn’t come soon.”

As Governor Hogan leads this bipartisan campaign, here’s what they’re saying about his advocacy efforts:

NBC News’ Today Show reported Governor Hogan is leading “a bipartisan push” to show federal leaders “the need is real.”

The Hill reported that Governor Hogan is “warning against allowing debate over the vital aid to become yet another partisan flashpoint.”

The Washington Post reported Governor Hogan is defending both red and blue states, asserting “their needs are genuine.”

Reuters reported Governor Hogan is urging federal leaders “put aside partisan bickering and deliver urgent relief to cities and states facing potential economic ruin.”

Fox Business reported Governor Hogan is “reiterating calls for $500 billion to address budgetary shortfalls that have resulted from the pandemic.”

Forbes reported Governor Hogan “renewed the bipartisan call for more fiscal support to states.”

Newsmax reported Governor Hogan “pushed Congress to pass more stimulus relief to support states that have been economically harmed by the coronavirus pandemic.”