What They Are Saying: Governor Hogan Shows How To “Grow Republican Party Into The Future” 

As the Republican party moves past the Trump presidency, Governor Hogan is taking a leading role in advocating for the GOP to chart a new direction nationally, pushing for the party to expand its support by appealing to “the majority of voters in the ideological center who favor practical, bipartisan solutions on issues” and by purging QAnon extremists.

Here’s what they are saying about Governor Hogan’s advocacy for the future of the GOP:

Senator and former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney: Governor Hogan is among “new faces” with fresh “vision” for GOP.

“There are going to be new faces that are going to be the spokespeople for our party and their own vision. That could be Larry Hogan.”

“There will be new faces and new voices…Larry Hogan is a new face on the front.”

Watch here and here.

Republican analyst Margaret Hoover: GOP “needs to take a page from [Governor Hogan’s] playbook” and “grow the Republican party into the future.”

“Republicans if they are going to be successful are going to need grow the party from the middle, build out with Latinos and Black Americans, and Republicans know how to do this. If you look at Republican governors in blue states, Larry Hogan, Phil Scott, Charlie Baker they need to take a page from those playbooks. That’s how you grow the Republican party into the future.”

Watch here.

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz: Governor Hogan knows how to “connect to Trump voters” because he “doesn’t sound like a politician.”

_“Frank Luntz, a national pollster who has advised Republicans, said Hogan ‘sounds like someone who could connect to Trump voters,’ because he speaks bluntly and is highly popular in his state…He’s one of the Republicans that would be toughest to beat on a national level…Republicans ‘want someone who doesn’t sound like a politician,’ he said, and they like governors because they ‘have shown they can do the job.’_”