While Applauding Recent Republican Gains, Governor Hogan Calls Out Threat of “Trump Cancel Culture”

In an op-ed earlier this month in The Wall Street Journal, Governor Hogan applauded recent Republican gains in Virginia and New Jersey as a model for how the Republican party can win elections by focusing on “common sense solutions” and offering a “unifying message.”

According to a recent report in The New York Times, Governor Hogan is warning that “Trump cancel culture” poses a threat to this success as the former President continues to attack and undermine Republicans who he deems insufficiently loyal, including Republican House members who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure deal and governors who certified the 2020 election results.

Governor Hogan recently campaigned for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s re-election campaign and campaigned for many of the House members now under attack from Trump who won districts Trump lost, including Congressman Don Bacon and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Read The New York Times report here.