With Crime Rising Nationally, Governor Hogan Outlines Proposals To “Re-fund The Police”

Blasting the Defund the Police movement as “dangerous, radical, and far-left lunacy,” earlier today, Governor Hogan outlined a $150 million “Re-fund the Police” initiative that includes a 50% increase in state police aid to local jurisdictions, $50 million to fund salary increases and hiring bonuses for state police agencies, and $24 million for body cams and de-escalation training.

As calls to Defund the Police have become common in Maryland and across the country, police recruiting and morale have hit new lows nationally. Recently, a Baltimore city Councilman called for abolishing the police, helping to create a “chilling effect on effective policing.”

According to Governor Hogan, “this is an especially challenging time for law enforcement in our state and in our nation. Sadly, the unconscionable actions of a few have been used to demean and question the character of all law enforcement officers and to fuel an all-out assault on the entire law enforcement community…Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for their service. I want every single one of them to know, especially in today’s environment when far too often our law enforcement officers are unfairly criticized and don’t get the appreciation that they deserve, that you will continue to have the full support of your governor.”

Watch Governor Hogan’s press conference here.