WTAS: Maryland Democrats Pushing “Radical” Gerrymandering, Overriding Will of Marylanders

While Governor Hogan is fighting for fair, non-partisan maps that are drawn by citizens, the Maryland legislature is working behind closed doors to make the state’s gerrymandering – already the worst in the nation – even more extreme.

Here is what they are saying about the Maryland legislature’s “radical” attempts to override the will of Marylanders and gerrymander the state for another decade:

Maryland Democratic Congressman Kweisi Mfume: “The issue of going to all-Democratic representation in the Congress in a state where we’ve got one third of the voters who are in fact Republicans, I don’t know how you sell something like that. I think that’s an overreach. For me, that’s a bridge too far.”

The Hill: “Maryland Democrats are considering a radical overhaul of congressional district lines that would give them a chance to win all eight of the state’s seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, putting the lone Republican representative at risk.”

**Fox News: **Maps from the commission created by Maryland’s Democrat-controlled legislature got ‘F’ ratings from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project as the state grapples with a redistricting process that could eliminate its lone GOP member of Congress…The Princeton Gerrymandering Project dinged all four maps for an alleged lack of partisan fairness and poor geographic features – meaning the districts are not compact and split counties in many cases. Meanwhile, it gave the lone map released by a ‘Citizens Redistricting Commission’ created by GOP Gov. Larry Logan an ‘A.”

Daily Caller: “According to an internal poll commissioned by Change Maryland, an advocacy organization supportive of Hogan, 77% of Marylanders supported drawing maps with a non-partisan independent commission, compared to just 12% who wanted maps drawn by incumbent politicians.”